Care Info

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Caring for your Barnblaster
Congratulations on purchasing your very own Barnblaster. 
Please read the following instructions thoroughly, as it will lead to the best listening pleasure possible!

1. VERY IMPORTANT- When connecting your music device with the RCA-3.5 audio cable, make sure the box is turned “off” and the volume on your music device is turned down low.  This is to ensure the amplifier does not get a sudden surge of volume that may damage the amp.

2. ALSO IMPORTANT - When connecting via bluetooth, the box must be on first, then go into settings on your music device and search for Sure HiFi or Barnblaster to connect. You may have to turn your bluetooth off/on. In addition, MAKE SURE THE VOLUME IS TURNED DOWN LOW INITIALLY.

3. The interior battery volt meter on a full charge will be around 38.5 volts.  When the volt meter gets down to 24 volts, you need to recharge, which can take up to 5 hours.  If you don’t have time to recharge your box prior to use, you can simply play the box while it is charging through the Bluetooth, Not the RCA-3.5 audio input.  Make sure you unplug the charging cord by the metal part of the plug, not the wire, as the connection between the port and plug is tight. So take your time and wiggle it out.The charging plug only has to be pushed in a little bet to charge. ​

4. Your box is weather-resistant.  Because of the 2 ports on the side of the box, you must protect those ports from any direct water intrusion.  

5. If your Barnblaster has a wireless microphone all you need to do to use it is turn on the mic. The volume is on the receiver inside mounted to the top of the case. The battery for the mic is inside the bottom of the mic, just unscrew the cover. You will get about 8 hrs of battery life and there is a low battery right on the mic too.

6. Take pride in your Barnblaster and keep her in top performing condition by giving it a clean after a hard week of use.  A simple wipe down usually does the job, but if you took it to the beach or out mudding, it may need a little extra attention.


One year warranty on parts and labor,
If you have any issues with your box, Please call Barney at
954-439-6767 or email