Brian Hartline, Miami Dolphins WR

"I just can't wait to throw this on my shoulder and head to the beach!"

Greg E.

"There's not a better feeling than hanging out with friends and bringing the Barnblaster out.  The energy level goes from laid-back to the best get-together ever!"

Kristin B.

"We take our Barnblaster everywhere: on the ocean, to the beach, even in the mud at our hunting camp.  It's the most versatile, best sounding boom box on the market!"

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Jimmy B.

"The Barnblaster is essential gear for every event! The party doesn't start until the Barnblaster is fired up!"

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Brian S.

"Our Barnblaster is a must-have item for any tailgate camping trip or beach outing.  Dozens of people have walked away in amazement after I cranked it up and they heard the performance.  We maxed the volume on New Year's Eve and had everyone on their feet dancing in about 2 seconds…It's a party starter!"

Slowy S.

"It's high quality sound that takes a beating and it's a party everywhere it goes."

Christine B.

​"BarnBlasting in the Bahamas!"